Another beautiful ride at Bavington with the Fry Guy. The sun was out, the air temperature was cool, just a hint of fall. And the trails were awesome. Awesome. Zoomy, fun, smooth, pine needle covered trails with a handful of roots and logs just to make it interesting. We added in a loop we’d skipped, which was mesmerizing, then retraced the first mile back downhill to the cars. Fry Guy stopped behind his car and I zoomed up to him, stopped the bike, unclipped my left foot and…the bike fell to the right. OUCH. My first “SPD Moment” since my first try with SPDs about 10 years ago. In 1 1/2 years of riding my SPDs, I’ve never had a fall because I was unable to clip out. I’ve fallen, and not clipped out…but that was because of bad maneuvering. But falling just because I couldn’t get my foot out? It was my first. Elbow is a little sore…at worst a radial head stress fracture, at best just a contusion. Nothing that ice and time (and maybe an x-ray) won’t help sort out. I think it’s OK though, typing only hurts a little bit.