Yee ha! I decided to go ahead and enter the tuesday night women’s crit this week and guess what…I survived! not only did I survive, but I got 3rd place AND won $5!

It was awesome. We did paceline practice first, then the women & juniors raced and the men were super supportive. It was basically the 2 collegitae women in the front, then myself and another women who practiced pacelining, and 2 juniors. When we got lapped the 2nd time by the collegiate women, there were only 2 laps to go, so with 1 lap to go I “poured it on” in a relative sense…as much as you can pour it on when your legs are burning and you feel like puking. I put enough distance between me and the other woman that she couldn’t catch up, so I got 3rd. She ended up duking it out with an 11 year old boy, then she “let” him take 4th place (but he’d been lapped by us so he was 5th).

Lots of fun & I’m super stoked!!

(pic to come)