But after reading a few of your blog entries, it’s also obvious you are fairly arrogant and self-important, and I’m glad I don’t work with you


As amusing as this comment is from a recent poster, he does bring up a good point. When I talk about work, I am a miserable person and it puts me in a miserable mood. Believe it or not, you guys dear readers, know as much about my job as my parents do. Because I won’t let them ask me about work. Because when I talk about work, I turn into the little snippet quoted above. Not quite, but close enough. How would you like to come home and have conversations with me every day that were like my last post? I prefer to forget work as soon as I can after a shift, and getting things off my chest here is the best way to do that. BTW, if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to read it. (And I never said anyone was stupid…)

I find it comical that the poster would find enough enjoyment in reading a blog by an arrogant, self-important stranger that he would waste time on more than one post. Just as I’ve got an interest in writing the blog, I suppose he’s got an interest in reading it, as do the rest of you. Well, maybe it’s for the better as he’d never get to the good stuff, like “That Sinking Feeling”.

Anyway, I guess the only solution is to ride my bike more.