On days like this, my job is awesome…but it can stink if you are the patient. The radio call was for an injury that was “down to bone”, created by broken glass. “…bleeding won’t stop…” said the dispatcher. Sirens blare and quickly vanish as the ambulances race away from the hospital to the scene.

Twenty minutes later they are back on their way to the hospital, “non-emergent”. I breath a sign of relief. I was wondering how long I would need to leave the suture ties if I had to tie off a radial or brachial artery. Non-emergent means the medics don’t think he’s bleeding to death, and it’s probably not as bad is the bystanders thought.

When the patient rolls in, I see that one dressing is soaked in bright red blood. Not the kind of blood from a minor injury that stopped bleeding 30 imnutes ago, the kind of blood from an injury that is still losing blood.

I have the surgeon paged as I have no clue what I’m about to uncover…

Read more tomorrow…sorry, gotta get ready for work!