The biggest hurdle in this migration is getting all 800+ of my Haloscan comments into my new WordPress Blog. I started using Haloscan before Blogger had implemented its own commenting system. Haloscan works great, and by paying $12, you become a “premium” member, which lets you export all of your comments. Not a bad deal, what’s $12/800 comments? Anyway, it’s about 2 cents per comment when you figure it that way.

The problem is that haloscan links the comments to bloggers “Post ID”, which is proving very difficult to import into the WordPress system.

WordPress’s new blogger import works very well as long as your blog is hosted at BlogSpot, or pointed to Googles Domain Name Servers. But that’s not a big deal, just change your publishing optoin to blogspot, pick an unused name and publish it there.

You can then go to wordpress and use the importer AFTER you make a single change ot the PHP code. It seems the wordpress developers can’t keep up with the Google Blogger’s API!

The bottom line is that there does not currently seem to be away to get your blogger post ID imported into WordPress. Every iteration I’ve tried of including it in my Blogger template fails.

Previous versions of Blogger (the “Old Blogger”) worked seamlessly apparently. I even tried installing an OLD version of word press, but it only works with the old version of Blogger.

When the whole process is done, I’ll post MY step by step method for Importing a (New) Blogger Blog into Word Press with Haloscan comments and Blogger Hosted photos intact.

Be prepared, it’s messy. 😉