In the field of earth sciences, the phenomenon of “rebound” of the tundra and arctic crusts is well known.  As overlying glaciers, surface ice & snow and tundra melt away, the weight of the water in its various phases is removed.  The underlying soil & earth undergoes what is called “rebound”.  The elevation of the land actually increases as the ground “bounces back”.  This occurs over a time span of centuries if I recall, and the arctic lands are still rebounding from the last little ice age.

I often feel this own phenomenon in my own mind.  When I get away from the stress and hassle of work, there is a creative part of my brain that undergoes rebound.  It has spent so much time slumbering under the weight of grown-up responsibilties and actions that it nearly reached a point of “learned helplessness.”

But I couldn’t let that happen…

While many people who are not mathmatically inclined would argue that order and calcuation is not a creative process, I know for certain that it is the creative part of my brain that processes patterns, order, differences, and integrated solutions to problems.

Some creative things that are trying to escape from my head…

  • Web page Design
  • web page programming
  • Computer illustration
  • Pen & ink drawings
  • marketing campaign for my race team

Hopefully enough rebound will occur on my mini-vacation that several of these things can escape from my head over the next few days…