Only five days left in the unit and two call nights. Between now and then, there is a picnic for the new interns, a mountain bike race that I’m not in shape to enter, a bike parade that I could easily enter, and a day off. I’ve been spending far too much time playing with my computer instead of catching up on sleep. I made these buttons to add to my site today

Black and white version:

Picksburg Stillers colors:

Buttons of this size are becoming popular on weblogs to link to different services and websites, sort of a “sticker” for your blog. I’m also playing with different style sheets, to change the whole look and feel of the page without editing the main HTML file.

Today was my post call day. AFter moring rounds, I was able to come home at about 10 AM. I slept for about six hours, then got up, enjoyed the sun, did some gardening, and played with my computer. There’s just not enough time in the day! A day like today is certainly a nice break from life in the unit. When I’m on call, I try not to look out the windows, because it’s too depressing to see the sun when I’m stuck inside for over 24 hours straight!