Today was a much better day at work. Sick people that I might have actually helped. The sickest, in fact, had their consultants already in the department, so I was more of a formality on those, but it’s good to see sick people and have help close by. By sick, I mean almost dead. One patient was having a severe heart attack with a pulse of 20 and an unobtainable blood pressure, but…he was awake and in pain. He went straight to the cath lab.

Well, OK, that was the only almost dead guy, and the cardiologists saw him before I got into the room. I saw a 3 year old with an incarcerated hernia…surgery was already there as well, so that was a no brainer for me. I saw a 65 year old man with a multiple sclerosis exacerbation, hallucinations and too weak to walk. He was an easy admission. I saw a lady with decreased appetite and weakness with no demonstrable explanation. She was admitted because her husband couldn’t take her at home. That admission was a little harder to sell, but I had no leeway…she couldn’t be sent home.

I treated a lady with first trimester bleeding and did an ultrasound that was cool. I stopped another guy’s bleeding with gelfoam (artificial clotting dressing for bleeding wounds). He was taking both aspirin and plavix and his finger scrape just wouldn’t stop oozing.

Right at 11:30 (my shift ended at midnight) two patients were brought in with police escort. But thankfully, I was seeing the little girl with the hernia, so I didn’t get caught up in either of those tangles. I actually left with a smile on my face.