Who is CodeBlueBLog? I’m not sure, there’s no profile on his site. But he writes nicely in the CSI style, and has interesting links. (i’m not one of them yet 😉

Alton Brown

Host of “Good Eats”, Alton Brown has a pseudo blog, infrequently updated. Smart, entertaining, food science for all ages!

MadDog Medic

The sexy bald one.


The world’s only blogging anesthesiologist. Grunt Doc, however, has found another…


I can vouch for the misery of waking up from anesthesia. Miserable. Interestingly, his writing as well as his medblog link list both tend to focus on recently published literature and medical news stories.

Someday, I need to sort my blog roll into categories, and get rid of ones that are dead, or I no longer read. It’s getting pretty long.