Tonight I ran across several pieces of poetry and creative writing that I have done sporadically. I don’t consider myself a great writer, and my favorite pieces were written in a sort of ‘zone’ where I wasn’t really aware of the writing or creative process. Many were done in the midst of studying for exams or boards. Several of my better pen/pencil sketches were done during my most intense rotations of last fall (ICU being one of them). In fact, one of my favorite sketches was drawn while I was supposed to be writing a transfer note out of the ICU. I spied a patient sitting in a chair, chin propped on his hand with his legs crossed, eyes closed, and a slight smirk on his face. He had fallen off the back of a truck and ended up with amnesia. He didn’t know who he was. His family visited every day, but he did’t know who they were. Still, he had a contented smile on his face. The sight was perfect for a quick sketch and is one of the better drawings I’ve done. I’m not sure what it is that allows me to switch my brain from medicine to art, whether it is writing or drawing. Maybe a few hours of sleep will shed some insight.