Call last night was not as bad as I though it would be. Dr. Grettle is actually fairly easy to get along with…although maybe that’s because we nad no new admissions overnight, and no one was very sick at all. Earlier in the evening, a patient came in who had been riding a lawn tractor, pulling a trailer full of logs. The tractor rolled over twice, crushing him underneath each time. He got up and walked about 30 feet, then sat down and lost consciousness. He had a large subdural bleeed and a midline shift with impending uncal herniation. He arrived within 20 minutes of his accident and was taken immediately to surgery. He didn’t cause any problems for me overnight, in fact, it was a pretty straightforward admission for me and I got to ‘bed’ around 7pm, but couldn’t really fall asleep until about 9pm. I went back around 11:30 and was up the rest of the night trying to look busy and smart whenever Dr. Grettle came around. Morning rounds went quickly and I got home by about 10 am.

i am on call again tomorrow because my other intern and I switched so that I could go a close friends wedding. But the bright side is that I’m more than half way done with this month!