“You’re on call alone tonight?” the attending asked me. “Well. Nobody told me that. This is your second time around, right? Because if it were you’re first time around, you wouldn’t be much use to me.”

“Well, why don’t you get your beauty sleep earlier, rather than later. I doubt I’ll need an extra pair of hands, but if I do, I’ll get ahold of you.”

Hmm. Sounds like my surgery calls as a third year medical student. Only this time, I’ll go back at 11:30 at night and get pimped for awhile, then be up all night responding to stupid stuff. Or maybe we’ll get a neat admission, but I’d rather chill out, especially with Dr. Grettle on tonight. He asked me what the pertinent positives were on physical exam. I told him what I saw on exam, and he said, “I beg to differ. I’ll tell you what I think.” Granted, his years of experience and skills in observation are much more astute than mine, but I really didn’t feel like saying to him, ‘Look, I’m on call by myself and I have to write the H&P, write all of the admission orders, fill out all of the paperwork for EKGs, XRays, Labs, and so on, and I really don’t want to think. This guy’s feet will be fine, they’re just cold. He has pulses in both of them, just diminished. YES, I DID look at the CT scan myself (how could you miss that midline shift!) but I still wanted to listen to the radiology report…they call them radiologists for a reason you know. And I know you can’t be simultaneously paralized AND be moving, but there certainly IS a phase when paralytics and sedation wear off when you are not moving as vigorously as you normally could.

I’m sneaking off to see a little daylight, I’ll still be pagable, but I can bet that Dr. Grettle won’t care to get ahold of me until he’s ready to go to sleep. Maybe even then, he won’t go to sleep because I don’t think he trusts me one bit. Just wait until next month (when he’ll have brand spanking new interns…)

good night.