There is so little time while on an ICU rotation to engage your mind in anything else. When I’m not in the hospital, I obsess about rounding the next morning. I think about preparing my notes the night before to speed up the morning’s rounds. I consider how much extra time I could sleep in if one of my patients is discharged. But the worst feeling is showing up in the morning and seeing that you have been assigned new patients that you didn’t account for when setting your alarm clock. Sadly, thinking about cases becomes much more fun and interesting AFTER morning rounds, when you are not rushed to gather all the information you need to present to the attendings and the trauma team. It is a shame that they require so much work of us that thinking about patient cases becomes secondary to the stress of gathering patient data. Maybe next year, when I am an upper level, I’ll find the rotation more satisfying when I can round on patients with a little less hurry and stress.