Feeling wiped out today, not entirely sure why. It’s a rest week for me in my training plane (week 12 of 16), and I’ve been slacking on the run. I ddin’t refeul post workout yesterday, but instead waited an hour before eating a regular meal that didn’t sit well. I also started yesterday’s ride dehydrated and just convinced myself I’d hydrate while I was riding. Exactly the opposite advice I give other people!

Then at work, one of my first patients of the night was a 15 year old “runaway” who wanted to be checked in to the psych floor. Then she didn’t. She wanted her dad to pick her up. I called her dad who didn’t want much to do with her. I called the police officer who dropped her off (why would he just drop her off?) and learned that she was in custody of children & youth for the night. Wouldn’t SOMEBODY think that that was important information for us to know about? I had to spend an hour on the phone calling her deadbeat dad, the police, children & youth (who did not answer), and the local crisis line to get an adult to the hospital to help sort things out.

I ended up with a migraine that I just couldn’t shake. Then I had to tell that lady’s family she had metastatic cancer…not very fun. I slept for about 10 hours straight, skipped morning conference, have to attend another meeting tonight around 6, then start working nights tonight. Ugh. All I really want to do is go outside and play.