This flight had all the potential for an epic. It was 10:30pm, (my shift is over at 11pm), and the pediatric intensivist was on the phone wondering if a helicopter ride would worsen a little boy’s injuries. He was about 3 hours from our hospital and needed intensive care treatment. I was dispatched with the helicopter, even though he was already in the care of another physician, because of the magnitude of his injuries. You’ll never guess who the boy was. It was Jane’s brother. (See post “Jane” below).

After a 45 minute flight into headwinds, we were turned back due to low cloud cover and snow. The flight was fast, bumpy and beautiful. A half moon hung in the sky reflecting off the clouds below making it seem as if we were flying over a vast ocean.

I’m not sure what will happen to Jane’s brother…I’ll just call him John, but I can assure you that there was a notable relief of tension on the part of myself, the flight nurse and the paramedic when we abandoned the flight to return home. Someone else will have to take care of him.