I can’t tell you how cool it was to be at the OTC for the weekend. I even got asked if I was a resident athlete, alhtough maybe the guy was just being nice (instead of saying, ‘what the heck are YOU doing here?’) Met lots of cool people, too, and hopefully learned something about triathlon coachign that will help out.

As close as I’ll get to Olympic Gold!

The cafeteria. This is the best cafeteria I’ve ever eaten in. Nutrition is not a weak point at the Olympic Training Center! One day I had Mahi mahi for lunch, and trout for dinner.

A quote on each of the nutritional posters for each menu item, “Every athelete has a dream, every choice makes a difference.”

Barb Lindquist gives us some ideas for stretch cord workouts.

The 25mx50m pool. Michael Phelps was recently there and tried out the “world record pace” cable. It’s a cable that attaches to teh swimmer and ‘pulls’ him/her at the goal pace so the swimmer can see what it feels like, and how much faster they need to swim. Well, he got out of the pool and said, “it’s broken”. Turns out, he was just swimming faster than world record pace on that particular day.

Sarah and Nick, two of the resident triathletes, give us tips on transitions.