We had one of these in the Emergency Department yesterday! Do you know what kind it is? A farmer was bitten by it, so he put it in a giant clear tupperware storage container, called 911, and the crew brought in both patients! We separated the patient and his beast, but he insisted that we didn’t kill it, he said he’d take it back and release it on his farm. I don’t know why he thought we’d kill it.

One of our new (11 day old) interns had _just_ arrived from lecture and saw the snake and freaked. He told us a childhood story which has resulted in lifelong mental anguish and fear of snakes! Well, guess who pulled the short straw and got to see the patient? That’s right, Dr. Newbie! So it turns out that this is a common watersnake, non-venemous, and he went home happily with his new owner. All in a day’s work.