Less than a week ago I made my first inquiry into jobs for after graduation, and today I had my first 2 job interviews. Both were at community hospitals, one even more community than the other…no trauma, no OB, no Peds, no Psych…boring. I just had an icky feeling while I was interviewing. The director hates scheduling and made a face when he metioned that “every month I get requests for days off”. The final straw was the dress code…no scrubs except at night! I’m going to cross that one off my list.

The other was a little more interesting. Occasional MVAs, but no multisystem trauma. OB and Peds in house and therefore, in the ED. FUll time position is over a 100 hours less than at the other place. 14 shifts a month, and the director seems to enjoy scheduling so that everyone gets their time off when they need it, and they’re young…a new graduating resident every year for the past 3 years.

I’ll keep interviewing, but if I had to choose from the two, it’d definately be the second. I think I’d like to see more trauma and have more teaching opportunities.