Don’t let your boss shoot a nail into your head with the nail gun! Yes, I actually saw this tonight. I will post a picture of the xray. Doh! I should have gotten a regular photo too, it was too cool. I learned a lesson, though. When there are 30 patients in the department with 2 traumas occuring simultaneously, and you need advice from your attending, don’t show him the lateral view that makes it look like the nail goes through his eyeball and through the brain into his sella tursica instead of the AP view that clearly shows it is just in the soft tissue. You will get ignored for about 2 hours, and then belittled for showing him just the lateral film and stating that your reasoning was for “shock value”.

I cleaned up the skin and just pulled it out with pliers…he said he didn’t care to look at it and thanked me for pulling it out. (See, my patients always thank me!)

I’d like to hear Victor interpret this one!