I’ve completely redesigned my bird database to help account for the handful of different taxonomic species arrangements. My new table design will let me keep track of each of the major checklists, sort the birds in proper taxonomic order for that checklist and display different common and/or scientific names for the same species.

THere are still about 60 birds in limbo, that I could not match together on the two major species checklists I am starting with (Sibley and Moore vs. AOU). I’ll just tack the extras on the end, and the way the table is laid out, I’ll know that they appear on one list but not the other.

So now that I’ve finalized the initial layout of my species table I can move forward. I’m polishing off the user authentication screens and find it SO COOL that it actually works on my computer! THe next step is to create a script to display a list of birds and allow the user to checkoff the birds they want to add to their list. There are proabably several ways to do this too, and I’m still not squared away on how to handle ranges (i.e. narrowing a list of 10,000 birds to just the 300 or so in any one state).

I also want to highlight on of my links to the right, 10,000 Birds a nice site with a clean layout with lots of birding information as well as regular posts on a birder’s adventures in NYC. A nice touch on his site is the link at teh top right of each post displaying his “core team’s” lifetime bird list.