The triathalon was today. I swam the mile in a relay. Swimming a mile in a pool is a relatively easy endeaver…boredom is the biggest obstical. But swimming a mile in a murky lake with a couple hundred kicking swimmers, waves, the sun and sea monsters grabbing at your ankle is an entirely different endeaver. The lake was supposedly dreged in areas of high swim traffic near the shore, but there was still plenty of seaweed to add a little challenge to the swim. With every freestyle stroke or breastroke kick, the long tendrils of seaweed anchored at the bottom of the lake would wrap around your wrists and ankles and try to pull you down into the depths…I think that’s why they gave out fluorescent swim caps!

I survived, but probably swam about twice teh distance as I wove back and forth in the lake. I finished in 38 minutes, a little slower than my goal, but for my first mile, I’ll take it.