Taking a well earned break…I’ll be spending much of it in the car commuting though, for a 3 day weekend. (yay).

Today I: missed an LP, failed to find herpangina on a 2 year old with a fever, got a crappy signout from my attending for a lady with back pain and white blood cells, caused somone pain without feeling bad (that always slows me down when I feel bad), argued with the medicine service (sure I think ortho should be consulted, why don’t you call them?), argued with my attending (but she needs a CT sooner rather than later, why delay it?), loaded a guy with dilantin for partial complex seizures, stole a case from our off-service intern who is horribly slow, got a new pen from the zosyn rep with a stylus for my PDA in it, signed out the crappy lady that my attending gave me to the next upper level who came in, came home, saw my all-time high visitor number, read Grunt Doc’s comments to my last post, and opened up a hard cider homebrew to finish the day.

By the way, the attending didn’t get the LP til the third try, and even then, it was a traumatic tap. I guess I don’t feel bad about that one.