This year, I’ve found New Year’s much more stressful than Christmas. Maybe that’s because I had absolutely no time to prepare for Christmans, but have had the past 5 days off trying to cram everything left on my 2003 list into the remainder of the year. TV shows promise to run highlight shows of the past year, rubbing in the fact that I’ve had no time to watch TV or listen to new music. I wish they wouldn’t remind me. First Night celebration tonight promises to be crowded and hectic as my friends and I try to cram in city entertainment with about 30,000 of our closest friends. (Actually, I have no idea how many people are expected, but it’s a lot.

I work one shift in the Emergency Room on the 2nd of January, then I have another 8 days off for a conference of the National Emergency Medical Services Physicians in Tucson, Arizona.

So interesting blogging stories will have to wait a bit before Mr. Hassle resumes it’s adventures in 2004. In the meantime, have a great new year!