Sorry for the slow postings. Really, this week has been quite fatiguing. I don’t mind working hard when it’s interesting, but it hasn’t been interesting. Lots of people with chest pain. No teaching going on. Attendings that make patient care decisions at 5:30 in the afternoon about who can go home. Spending the day chasing the intern’s orders adding forgotten tests and labs, stopping redundant medicines. (No need to be on both heparin Sub-Q as well as a heparin drip, eh?) To the point where I have been unable to do the work I am supposed to be doing as an upper level, and now Primary Care docs want to know what the heck I did with their patient while they were here. To be honest…I forget…let me check the chart. Oh, I’m sorry, our residents didn’t document test results or the overnight encounter that kept Mr. Cheeks in the hospital an extra day or two. Any advice on how to turn a forgetful, non-productive intern into a compulsive, responsible one that documents what he’s supposed to? This stuff matters! Ugh.