7th or 8th out of 9 entrants. All the collegiate girls showed up, and for some reason, my legs were totally toast. The group started at about 24 mph, and I stayed with the pack for the first 3 laps then they slowly moved away from me. I jumped on the 2nd group and they got away too.

I grunted & sweated my way all by my lonesome. I was lapped twice by the winners as were the last 3 or 4 of us. With each group of 2-3 riders I jumped back on for a short time, but it was too fast to sustain it. At one point the marshal helped me get back on a slower group (but faster than me), when I failed to get back in on my own. I stayed with them half a lap and got dropped again.

I almost gave up at one point and soft pedaled in my middle ring past the stands where I was promptly yelled at by…one of my own athletes!!! Talk about role reversal. So then I recovered on the backstretch and hammered up the front (uphill & into a headwind) in my big ring. I could do 2-3 laps and then would be completely overcome with nausea and an absolutely un-namable feeling in my legs. After 1/4 mile recovery, I’d be back at it again.

I figured it wasn’t worth giving up when I can go out and cruise easy any day and there were other people suffering. I earned the respect of the marshals, officials and spectators…so much so that the gave me two places over one of my friends! At least that’s what they said when they realized their mistake! 🙂 She was about 3/4 of a lap ahead of me, and when I finished my last lap with the winners, she was yet to finish her last lap, so they mistakenly put me ahead of her. I think. That’s why I’m not sure where I finished.

Anyway, i feel really good today, legs don’t hurt at all, and I’ve got plenty of energy. Maybe I’m getting better.