What’s your worst nightmare to have happen while working?
How do you feel about conscious sedation?
Pediatric conscious sedation?
See where I’m going yet?

Well it happened to a collegue tonight. Without going into details, he had a child who stopped breathing…complete respiratory arrest…while getting her face sutured. WOW, scary. I assessed her while he was giving bag mask ventilations. We calmly explained to the parents that the safest course at that point was to intubate. I prepared his equipment while he calmy put the tube in exactly the right place. She did fine. But I think I would have crapped my pants if I were him. He did everything right to begin with, including getting an airway cart at the bedside, getting the pediatric bag mask out and at the bedside, having suction ready and putting on oxygen. All of that had been done out of routine prior to starting the sedation…as step that some of us occasionally take for granted, but I will now do it EVERY SINGLE TIME! And you should too.