Reviewing my referral logs lets me know what web sites are sending traffic my way. Freqeuntly they are other blog sites, many of them are ‘unkown’ which usually means that my site is typed in directly by my many fans. Probably about 10-20% of my daily visits are the results of searches on yahoo, google or msn. Due to the medical content of my posts, I get very bizzare hits. The most bizzare was probably “s e x u a l s t i m u l a t i o n u s i n g c a t h e t e r s.” Now most of you realize that I have never written about any such thing…but the search pages take words out of context, so the fact that I’ve used some of those words at various times results in a hit on my page. Other disturbing hits are “t o o t h a b c e s s e s” variations of ” p u s i n g u m s” and probably most disturbing, “b o n e r s”.

Since the hits are based only on mentions of certain words in posts, I am now going to write exclisively about happy, happy fun parties, magical dragons, colorful butterflies, merry-go-rounds, disneyland and fairies, clowns, good fortune, gnomes and pots of gold at ends of rainbows.

Let’s see what kinds of searches I get tomorrow!