Can you believe it? Into the single digits now. Wow.

I got my signing bonus today. All I can say is wow, that’s a lot of taxes! 🙂 Enough about that, just excited, that’s all…the first fruits of my labor right here in my hands. I feel like a sports star. Somehow I bet their’s are a few orders of magnitide larger. Say goodbye credit card bill, hello new bicycle, uh, I mean moving expenses, rent & security deposits…

Today’s interesting patients…I saw not one but TWO nursemaid’s elbows! I have only seen two others before today. They’re pretty easy to spot on paper in the waiting room, but the first confused me a bit. I tried to reduce it and she cried nad cried and cried. I shrugged my shoulders and got an xray which was normal. I went back in and tried one more time. This time, where I met a little resistance to flexion, I pushed just a little bit harder and felt a “pop” right over the radial head. She just looked at me with big eyes, reached her arms way over her head, took a deep breath and … SCREAMED at me. After I left the room she was as good as new.

Fast forward one hour. Check the charts waiting to be placed in a room. 18 month old refusign to use right arm for 5 hours. Visit with parents. Tell them that she’s going to cry when I move her arm, but I’m pretty sure I can fix the problem. This time, I met that resistance, pushed just a little further and “POP”, right back into place, she instantly began using her arm again.

Both sets of parents left with big smiles and happy kids. What a satisfying diagnosis to make…instant relief of pain and fixing a problem for a kid who can’t even talk yet. Cool.