Well, my life as a traumatologist is over. My rotation ended today and now I have 9 days of vacation! The lady thrown from the buggy is doing well, she’s needing sedation to stay on the vent. That’s good news, because it means she’s waking up and probably didn’t suffer too much brain damage. The sixteen year old who crashed her car woke up and went home the other day. The little boy who broke his leg woke up the next day speaking only Italian, but by the next day he was back to english and we sent him home.

Mr. Morris ended up having a pulmonary embolism, got a filter, then became septic and had an empyema (pus in his chest cavity) and went to surgery. The past 2 days, he looks like a million bucks! The man who was ejected from his car breaking all extremities while his girlfriend got away with just a broken leg and a seat belt rash is still in the hospital, all four extremities casted, relying entirely on nursing care for eating, bathing, toileting and modesty. The man who’s life I might have saved by putting in an emergent chest tube will probably go home this weekend. He was up and walking around the halls today, wandering into other patient’s rooms.

THe medical students were fun to have around, helpful, and I hope learned some stuff. My intern will be rotating in the ED next month, so we’ll be working together again. And finally, every attending I worked with said I did a great job, and would be happy to take me as a surgeon in our residency program. I think I’ll stick with emergency medicine, though, it will give me more time to play!