OK, I’ve finally decided to reveal my secret bird project, since it’s no longer quite unique as I’ve discovered. I similar and much more robust and scientifically useful version exists at audobon called e-bird. Hey, at least great minds think alike, eh? They only rolled theirs out in March of this past year, so perhaps if I wasn’t busy in the ICU, CCU, PICU, etc, etc saving lives and other mundane stuff I could’ve beat them to it!

Anyway, I’m still going to press on with my idea. It will essentially be a website to track personal birding lists. I think it will have a pseudoblog format with the front page showing lists of rarest birds, most freqent birds, most recently sighted birds in the sidebars or something similar.

The main impetus is to teach myself web database programming, but I probably won’t get rich doing it. 🙁 Last night after my midnight shift (thinking that I had today off) I stayed up till 5 AM workign through the next chapter in my programming book that I bought. Today I learned that I have to go to work at 4pm. Ugh. It’s tomorrow that I have off. Time for some caffiene!

If you have any ideas for other database driven websites, please let me know. BTW, the blogsphere is full of these…commenting systems, blogtree, ecosphere, blogshares just to name a few! And in fact blogger.com itself as well.