Sometimes, the little things really make your day. Take Gout for example…

Tell me that the last time you stuck a needle into an ankle joint and pulled out a bunch of golden yellow fluid you didn’t get a little secret rush of satisfaction at the expense of someone else’s pain? On top of that, suppose you put some of that fluid on a slide, looked at it under a polarized light and saw little yellow and blue needles scattered about the field?

I asked every resident I passed (particularly the interns who are required to find everything I say interesting) if they’d like to see a great slide of gout. Guess what? Everybody did! They all thought it was cool to actually turn the polarized light on and off and see the “birefringent crystals” that we’ve been tested on for years without ever really knowing for certain they exist.

Take for example another case…a 9 year old with a v shaped, oblique skin avulsion on his shin. Wouldn’t you find secret fulfillment at the clean, tidy appearance that placing a horizontal-half-buried mattress suture can acheive? I thought you would. (Hey dad…after watching me place the suture and tie the knot, his father said to him, “she’d make a good fisherman!”)