I’ve always known it, but usually can conceal it pretty well. Among physicians, I blend in so well that rarely does my geek-like nature surface. But everyonce in awhile it sneaks up on me to the point where I just have to laugh at myself.

Tonight I attended a lecture by a well known author and research of pulmonary embolisms. He had loads of slides presenting his research methods, clinical decision rules and unpublished study results…but you know what thrilled me the most? The screen shots of his raw database material… I can’t describe the inner thrill that surfaced from nowhere at seeing columns and columns of numbers and data that had the mysteries of pulumonary embolism hidden in their depths. I thought instantly of my bird database project. In fact, tonight while watching the crocodile hunter, they mentioned the “Magpie Goose” that liked lawnmowers. With my new database, I typed in magpie goose into a little search query on my desktop, and up popped it’s scientific name…Anseranas semipalmata.

Shouldn’t I be studying Advanced Cardiac Life Support algorithms instead?