Next week’s grand rounds host is the Fat Doctor. I had run across her blog before, but forgotten all about it. I stopped by tonight to check it out and find myself laughing out loud at many of her posts. An overweight Family Practice physician with a kid, a husband and a great sense of humor. Here’s an excerpt from one of her ER experiences as a resident:

[The] Nurse, who until this moment had been quietly supervising me from afar, sprang across the room and grabbed the patient from behind. Without a word, he body slammed her back onto the gurney and within about two seconds had secured her with wrist and ankle restraints. I stood, stunned, rubbing my own painful wrist. Nurse quickly and quietly changed out the instruments on the mayo stand, handed me some gloves and calmly said, “Let me know if you need any help,” before he returned to his own patient.

I loved working with all of the ex-army nurses at my former training institution, which I can now look back upon fondly. I always felt protected by them, like being surrounded by big brothers. I never had an experience quite as dramatic as the fat doctor’s, but I always knew I could count on them.