…before I meet clinical criteria for sinusitis. I took wednesday off, and thursday I was already off so I had 48 hours to sleep, hallicinate and try to recover, but my sinuses aren’t cooperating. However at work yesterday, I felt relatively immune from whatever viruses were being showered all over me as I examined screaming 2 year olds and an autistic teenager who pushed me away every time I tried to look in his ears.

I did decide that I do NOT have the flu, and got the second to last flu shot we have in our clinic. “Wouldn’t you feel bad if you took the last flu shot?” the nurse asked me. I answered a selfish, emphatic, “No!” It was about 6pm so I figured if I was going to anaphylax, I would at least be around healthcare providers. Every time I sniffled, the nurse looked my way to make sure it wasn’t really a wheeze. The staff pediatrician wondered aloud what the adult dose of epinephrine was.