Wow, thanks for the overwhelming show of support from all of you guys! I was going to list each and every one of you to say thanks, but gosh, there’s too many. 😉

In response to some of the comments:

Rich: yes, 2 hour waits are rather long. We’ve had longer, but it makes us all feel good whne the MD sees the patient within 15-20 minutes of the patient checking in. Just because there are no waits doens’t mean it’s not busy…it just means we generally keep up with any backlog as long as we have beds in the department. Eventually, there is a lull and we catch up again.

Delta: I’ll try to keep the sunny side up!

Kim: Glad that your thinking of my blog in the midst of destruction.

Stacey: You don’t know where I live, so you can’t hurt me. Nyah. 8-P

Gar: What do you think if my farm photos from my bike rides? Do they look like your farms?

Med student: Um, what’s BRILL?

Nick: Maybe my RSL feed sucks. Or is broke. Or both.

Pain talk: I have less pain every day that I get out and stay active!

CholeraJoe: Wow, critical care…and 50+ years old! I’m flattered that someone with your experience enjoys my site. 🙂

Dad: Thanks for visitng!

If I were really clever, I would have put a different emoticon for each person, but heh, I’m tired. Thanks guys, see you tomorrow!