Two of my favorite sports in the world both involve significant running…soccer and ultimate. But since my back surgery, I’ve come to despise running. Imagine being in a pool of hardening concrete four feet deep and trying to run. That’s what running has felt like to me over the past year. Today, I ran for 40 minutes continuously! It wasn’t easy, but I certainly did not despise it either. I found this entry I made on a triathlon site that I visit. It’s from about one year ago, in answer to someone’s question, “What do you have against running?”

Read it, and see if you agree that I’ve come a long way in the past year!

I used to like running. I just had back surgery, a discectomy, but didn’t escape without some nerve damage to my right first sacral nerve…I cannot stand upon my toes on my right foot, or toe off when I walk. I am slowly getting strength back by trying to walk with a normal gait, bicycling (which forces me to use my right calf and hamstrings) and doing calf raises in the water. But when I try to run, I look like a fish flopping around on the side of the pool. My right leg sinks as if I’ve stepped in a hole in the ground, and my left foot takes a big impact as a result. The whole works jars my back, too. The faster I go, the more it’s magnified!

Wow. I looked up that post because it involved a search for “no-impact triathlons”, which did not exist at that time. THis past summer, the USA Triathlon association began sanctioning an event called the “AquaBike”, in which participants enter just the first 2 legs of an existing tri. How cool is that? My idea gone national. I should be a millionaire.

Anyway, when I read the post, I laughed, because I had forgotten all about my leg feeling like it was sinking into a hole, about doing calf raises in the water for exercise and about using my bike to rehab my leg. I rarely notice a difference in strength now. Right on.