Sniff. Cough. Sniff. Swallow. Clear throat. That little tickle at the base of my nasopharynx. A drip at the end of my nose. Oh no, they’ve done it. All those virus particles I inhaled last week…this is it…I’m getting…I’m getting…I’m getting a cold. ARGH! My tummy hurts, I have a headache that feels like a bolt drilled through my temples and tightened on either side. I’m dying to take some bendryl and sleep it off, but I’m on call tonight. what if I get woken from my over-the-counter-drug-induced-stupor to see a patient? I did that last year on peds, and I almost passed out on my feet because I was so drunk from benedryl and wiped out from the infection. But do I stay home from work? Do I stay home from school? Do I whine and complain? Well, I guess only to you guys, which is the whole world…but not at work. Here’s to plenty of sleep, vitamin C, orange juice and gatorade.