Way to go, Georga Tech & Nittany Lions! But did you see that USC vs. Fresno State game? 50 to 42. Holy cow! Unbelievable. USC came up with several outstanding plays right at teh start of the second half, but aside from that, Fresno State played more consistently and much, much smarter than Bush and his Crew. And if it wasn’t for Bush, they wouldn’t have done much at all, in my opinion.

And finally, why doesn’t Tommy Maddox get any protection from his offensive line? Sure, Ben can scramble much, much better than Tommy (who really can’t scramble at all), but there are so many other top rated NFL starting QBs out there that get fantastic coverage from their lines than Tommy is getting to day. I think he’s played outstanding so far given the number of times he’s been hit by a defender sneaking through!