Many big accomplishments the past 2 days. Yesterday I put on socks for the first time on my own, AND I walked in the yard! But I overdid it. Today, I was very tired, and very sore. I spent most of the day on the sofa, and a little bit of time sitting in the afternoon sun.

On the birding front, I’m having trouble identifyign the sparrow like birds in the front yard.

As far as keeping busy, I fixed the access issue to Turns out it was my fault for overriding my server’s name with my laptop’s name when I uploaded new files. But, the life lists are working! Also, today, I improved the appearance of dates so that they are now readable, instead of a list of numbers, AND I have created multiple word searches…most satisfying to see “white sparrow” return 3 species out of about 2000. “Black heron” returns only one, and “yellow crowned” returns about seven. How many can you come up with?