Thanks for all the get well wishes! My Dad and his wife are leaving tomorrow, and my Mom will be arriving tomorrow afternoon for the rest of the week. Now that I’m a bit more mobile, I should be more social and less drugged. We plan to do more bird watching, play scrabble and do some gardening (I’ve got a list of garden things I wanted to get done but can’t now) I have a “for fun” book I’m working on that a friend loaned to me about mountain biking…well, really it’s about overcoming limitations in the guise of biking. I’ve talked to more relatives in the past week (including my orthopedic surgeion uncle) than I have in the past year, all checking in on me to make sure I’m doing OK. My voice is back to normal and I actually walked in the grass today in my bare feet! WOW this is fun!

Another new bird to add to my backyard list…a red-bellied woodpecker! Awesome. I worked on my birding website a bit today, and it gets just a little bit better each time I sit down with it. I’m on the verge of being able to create a life list from the individual sightings entered by a user, but the SQL gets a little tricky depending on what I want to include (date first seen, location first seen, etc…)

I called the orthopedic resident on call today because my dad was worried about me walking up & down stairs. The attending returned my call while the resident finished a case. Basically I can do what I’m comfortable doing as long as I’m careful…no bending, twisting, sitting longer that 30 minutes, no driving.

Time for a few more percs, and sleeping on my own bed for the first time now that I can navigate the stairs.