After a month on cardiology, resting heart rate still 58, but I can stand to lose a few pounds.

If your child woke up in the moring and said he was wheezing, when he had never wheezed before…and then he told you that when he stood up, he couldn’t breath…and even stayed home from school because of it (no cough, fever, runny nose, etc) do you think you’d wait until 6 oclock in the evening to take him to the doctor? No? I don’t either. If he couldn’t breath, I’d be worried! Listening to this kids lungs revealed…nothing…no air moving in or out. I coached him through a big deep breath and this time I heard about as much air as I’d expect my cats to be moving in and out. After one dose of albuterol, it was a different set of lungs. The kid felt better, his lungs sounded more like a teenagers than a cats.

Now why would she wait so long to bring him in?