Well another blogger post vanishes into cyberspace.

Considering how badly I felt on Sunday, I don’t feel too shabby today. In fact, I almost felt like a normal person. I can only make two firm conclusions from this: #1 I don’t have the flu. #2 Zinc Gel seems to work. That and a squirt of oxymetazoline hydrochloride (Afrin) before bed.

We have been seeing influenza here, just starting in the past few days. the lab confirmed at least 17 new cases today that were sent for assays. Yikes. I have not received my flu shot yet, I am afraid to. The last two times I’ve received it, I’ve had worsening allergic reactions including warmth, erythema, swelling and pruritis. The first time it was grapefruit sized at teh site of the injection. The second time it was more like football sized and covered my entire upper arm. WHo knows what will happen next time? Maybe my arm will just turn black and fall off.

I was thinking about pretreating myself with benedryl, filling my prescription for albuterol and having a prednisone tablet sitting nearby. What do you think?