The IKEA role playing game presents a methodical, albiet entirely fictional, strategy on surviving an IKEA shopping trip with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It objectifies employees, clerks and other shoppers and turns each showroom into a WORLD, requiring a specific TASK to unlock the next WORLD. POWER-UPs can be bought at the CAFE in the form of a LATTE for $1.00. And on and on and on…

I wanted to create a post today on “What is a resident?” and then stubled on this post and laughed way too hard (I LOVE IKEA) If I could create a post on how to survive residency by viewing it as a role-playing action/adventure game, boy that would be reallly funny. Could I do it? Can anyone help provide strategy levels?

E. g. How to survive OB/GYN.

Step number 1. Upon first entering the WORK ROOM, you will be overwhelmed with ESTROGEN, an invisible substance used by the Obstetricians to create obstructions for communication and teamwork. Your first task therefore, is to find an appropriate source of TESTOSTERONE. Male residents, medical students and nurses, if you can find them, are good sources to begin with. Once armed with an adequate TESTOSTERONE source, you will need to first qualify for CATCHING BABIES before entering a BIRTHING ROOM.

Maybe not as funny as navigating the IKEA game world, but it would make a nice residency manual.