The real danger of rotating through the OB/GYN GAME WORLD is cerebral atrophy. You must avoid this complication at all costs! Throughout your month, there will be ample opportunity to fend it off, but you must sieze every opportunity possible. Be prepared. Lurk next to secured doors and browse the nursing notes of the patient in the last room. But get ready to leap to freedom whenever the SANITATION ENGINEER, CHAPLAIN, or LA LÉCHE consultant enters.

Other strategies include obtaining copies of BOARD REVIEW Books also known as VISUAL STIMULI. This one is challenging, not only because it involves leaping through security doors, but also because one must pass CAFE DU NORD to get to your book depot. CAFE DU NORD is where the CHIEFS patrol the hallway, deceptively sipping stale black coffee and muching on hardened bagels.

If you encounter a CHIEF on your way to the BOOK DEPOT, just smile and act innocently oblivious as if you think you’re headed back to the LABOR and DELIVERY WARD. After all, the heavy estrogen load in the OB/GYN WORLD is enough to uncallibrate anyone’s sense of direction. they’ll never notice.

If you’ve made it this far, good work! Take a deep breath, because, eventually, you’ll have to return to THE WARD. But fear not. Tomorrow’s installation will prepare you with yet another tactic to help survive the month…MAG ROUNDS…