Well, it’s over. I took my written board exam today, in East Brunswick, NJ. There are only 5 sites in the USA, and every eligable emergency medicine graduate took the exam today at one of those five sites.

It was 335 questions total, and took me about four hours of test taking time. I felt pretty relaxed and confident after the morning session. I had enough down time to take a 2.5 mile walk across the river and around a great neighborhood, then back to the hotel where everyone was grabbing some expensive sandwiches and gabbing.

The afternoon session was a little bit different. I don’t know if it was because I was tired, because I stopped caring, or if I didn’t know the answers, but I felt like I guessed at every single answer for the last hour of the exam.

So who knows how I did. I’ll find out in 3 months. in any case, it’s a big burden off my mind for now, and I can kick back and enjoy my free time without feeling like I need to study for it.

Other exciting news? My viral URI has turned into a bacterial sinusitis, purulent conjunctivitis (yuck, never had that before), and bronchitis. Being a contact lens wearer (and having just studied for boards), I’m sure that it’s pseudomonas!! Maybe it’s time for some antibiotic therapy. All those apples I’ve been eating don’t seem to be doing the trick. Better living through chemistry.