So I’m minding my own business, when I hear a deep throated growl behind me. This time, Jasper had the entire front half of a limp mouse held inbetween her upper and lower canines (are they called felines in cats? Mabye I should just call them FANGS) She was growling at Louise who was looking at her like a sibling envious of a new toy. Truthfully, I’m not sure if Louise could catch a mouse by herself.

I still have a wieght limit of ‘a gallon of milk’ for picking up objects, so instead of grabbing Jasper, I tried to guide her back into the basement to finish of her kill. THen I saw the little back legs wiggle. At least this one wasn’t squealing like the last one! But Jasper wasn’t cooperating, I had to kick Louise out of the way because Jasper wouldn’t walk past her. I considered what a recent blog fan wrote to me about how he ruthlessly murdered one of his cats half-kills, and of his subsequent stomach ache and mental anguish…I decided to follow his advice afterall and just let her eat the mouse.

Just then, Jasper drops the poor thing, and both cats pounce in it, it gets away, they pounce, it runs…under the stove. Uggh. I get a flashlight and a yardstick and try to scare the mouse out from underthe stove. I notice that far in the back is a little hole that gives the mouse access to my entire kitchen cupboards.

I can only hope that the mouse still has enough life left to get out of there on it’s own, otherwise, my landlord may have to come and dismantle my kitchen!