I’m up to 5 and a half deliveries for the month. The 1/2 was just cutting the cord. I really like delivering babies…there is a point where you just know that the next push will bring the baby’s head out that’s just thrilling. All that laboring, placental delivery and blood I can do without, though.

I just had a relaxing 1 week vacation of sleeping, studying for the in service, going to coffee shops, letting mom cook for me and dad take me out to dinner. I bought a new pair of cross-country skiis and went to the climbing wall several times. I’m out of shape, but my finger strength improved quickly from the first to the second visit.

Today is a post call day, so I can run some errands, chill out at a coffee shop, maybe find a new one, get my new skiis mounted and hope for more snow.

I promised myself I wouldn’t work on my birding website until after my in-service and step 3 board exam, but I just had to do a little playing over the weekend. I’ve added locations now, and the next step will be to marry the locations tables to the species table to start creating lists. The online site has not been updated, though, but if you want to create your own user account, you’ll be all ready to start tracking North American Birds online shortly.


Does anyone know of a source of photos I could link to or include on my webpage?