Welcome back fellow gamers. Now that you’ve had a few days to lurk around the OB UNDERWORLD, I’m sure you’ve discovered a few things of your own. It is good for me to leave you to discover your own hidden GEMS in this otherwise DRAB world. Your first few days are disorganized and frustrating and you needed time to sort things out on your own. Hopefully you have capitalized on previous lessons. Have you saved yourself from any FLOODS by properly gowning and gloving with face mask, eye shield and moon boots? Be UNRELENTING on this point…already in your short time you have seen nurses and midwives become contaminated with BODY FLUIDS while you, by taking simple PRECAUTIONS, have remained safe. Are you getting enough NUTRITION? No, it is not hard once you learn the rhythms of the OB LABORING BOARD. (You have found the BOARD, havn’t you?)

Gamer, I cannot hold your hand much longer, but before I depart and leave you to continue in this WORLD unguided, I want to be certain that you discover the SECRET OBJECTIVE before your breif TOUR in this WORLD ends. Have you discovered IT yet? I have not disclosed it as of yet because I knew that prior to this you were not ready to learn it. But I think that you may be ready. When you find it, you will know. You will not have to worry about identifiying the ONE TRUE OBJECTIVE of this world when it arrives. You must, however, gain the confidence of the native OB RESIDENTS and STAFF physicians before you will find it.

Yes, I know, USELESSNESS was your initial ulitimate goal. Both you and I know that this is a key skill of surviving OFF-SERVICE WORLDS. But for the moment, you must hide this goal from the NATIVES. You must gain their TRUST. Only then will you be allowed to proceed. And if you have not discovered the ONE TRUE OBJECTIVE yet, let me guide you there…

The MOMENT will come, she (the MOTHER-TO-BE) will let you know when it has arrived. Take the time to PROTECT yourself as we have discussed before, naturally. But then you enter a NEW DIMENSION. As you take your place, you will slowly see it begin to EMERGE. At first, it does not seem possible for a new being to enter this WORLD through the very small ENTRANCE. But it has only one choice. Continue to encourage the MOTHER-TO-BE, and be PREPARED. Hold your hand in front of the small ENTRYWAY to our WORLD. If it emerges too quickly, gently slow it down, and introduce it to the NEW AIR surrounding it. Help it along by removing some of the FLUID from it’s old world that it is leaving behind. Be gentle, for it can never go back to it’s OLD WORLD. Finally, encourage MOTHER-TO-BE to push one more time. Gently grab the new being by the back of the neck, support it’s body and grab it’s legs as they emerge. Remove fluid gently one more time. And suddenly it becomes ALIVE. You will hear it’s CRY as NEW AIR fills it’s LUNGS and remarkable HYDROLIC changes take place inside it’s BODY that are INVISIBLE to you right now.

Gamer, if you have not discovered this objective yet, can you imagine it? Can you imagine what it feels like to hold a brand new baby infant in your arms from the moment that it enters our world? Yes, it’s alive! And crying…and sometimes peeing (another reason to keep your protection on throughout the procedure). At this point, you may be somewhat frightened, but do not be. You will not drop it…you have a death grip on it because you realize that for this brief moment, you are it’s entire world. It’s OK to smile as well, afterall, you have your mask on, and the NATIVES will not realize that you are actually enjoying their strange WORLD.

If you have not discovered it yet, I encourage you to do so. Continue to practice your previous lessons. But at this point, be prepared to venture even deeper in to this level and practice this new skill of BRINGING LIFE INTO THE WORLD. Refreshing, isn’t it?