From my long absence, you may have guessed I was out of town…you’d be right. Now I’m back, but there’s a problem…my back. Remember the sciatica I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, it worsened to the point that I’ll be having surgery this thursday. I hope I can continue blogging. Maybe a play-by-play version of what it’s like on the other side of the knife? I could start with my ordeal visiting an emergency department about 500 miles away from home, alone, in pain, with a dead cell phone, not enough change for the vending machine and too light headed to even make it back to my car to wait for my dad to pick me up from 3 hours away. That was just the start.

Getting home, being seen in my own ED, getting an MRI and seeing the ortho doctors who all know me was a much more pleasant experience. They didn’t make me feel like a criminal for being in pain.

Maybe while I’m recovering, I can post stories from my vacation. I really did miss you guys while I was gone, it’s nice to be able to post whatever’s on my mind. I constructed posts in my mind while sunbathing, seabird watching, dune climbing & flower browsing…but as of yet, none of them have made the LCD screen.