This was a great case!

Part I:
Called urgently to the room. Man in his fifties, vomiting all day. Feels naseated. Triage nurse get a pulse of 220. The nursing staff throws him on a gurney, hooks him up to the monitor, confirming a rate of 220. Blood pressure 140/80, respirations 18, 100% room air. Talking comfortably, looks anxious (wouldn’t we all with so much fussing about). Despite his bedraggled appearance and apologies for not showering after having vomited all day, the room actually smells somewhat pleasant. Like juicyfruit gum. The tech shows you the ekg he just obtained, the machine readout is “superventricular tachycardia.” (which you are inclined to believe).

The head nurse turns to you, already with a plan in his mind (20 years of experience), but waits for your orders. What do you do?

Leave a comment with your next steps. But stay tuned, the story just keeps getting better!